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A Safe & Healthy Home

National Rebuilding Day (April 25, 2015): Rebuilding Together Bergen County is accepting applications from low-income homeowners for home-repair/home-modification assistance.  If your home needs critical repairs or improvements for health, safety, accessibility, or energy-efficiency, please click the heading above to learn more and to access our application, or call 201-447-8886.

All repairs are made without cost to the recipient of service, thanks to generous contributions from our sponsors and individual donors. 



Hurricane Sandy

"Volunteers have worked in our community to help rebuild our homes, our lives and our hearts. Volunteers have repaired more than walls and floors, they have helped us to maintain dignity. Volunteers of all ages come here without asking questions. They step into our houses and leave giving us back our homes!" - Regina C., Little Ferry homeowner and community volunteer

We continue to accept applications from homeowners and community centers affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Anyone needing assistance with home-repair, financial, or emotional problems due to Sandy should also contact the Storm Recovery Information Center to register with a case worker; call 201-470-3143.  Check our Local Resources link above for other assistance.

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